An overnight escape in the rainforest


I am currently writing this while lying on a sun bed under a canopy of palm trees, listening to the constant chorus of chirping birds and singing insects. Ah, what a way to spend the morning!

Another early start yesterday had us heading out of Cairns centre onto the Captain Cook Highway just after sunrise, bound for the 165 year-old Daintree Rainforest. We stopped for a refreshing dip in Mossman Gorge – refreshing being the operative word; the water tasted unbelievably fresh and was unbelievably chilly! Shortly after, we took a relaxing boat trip along the Daintree River and spotted crocodiles trying to keep cool along the river banks. The final part of our journey took us into the upper Daintree Rainforest where we were staying for the night, but not before we spotted a Cassowary foraging for food on the roadside!

The Cassowary is native to the tropical forests in northern Queensland, and probably the most unusual bird I’ve ever seen!

And so we had arrived at our rainforest retreat! We settled into our little cabin lodge (just a bit different from Gilligan’s hostel in Cairns…) and nibbled on our warm hummus and cucumber sandwich packed lunch (yes, they were about as delicious as they sound). The afternoon was spent in much the same vibe, reading and napping and reading some more.

Just when we began contemplating heading out to find some food for dinner, the skies opened and the rainforest lived up to its name! At first we stuck to our British roots, determined that a little rain couldn’t deter us. But as the droplets grew bigger and bigger, we eventually admitted defeat and ran inside to the shelter of the little restaurant for a cosy meal out of the rain – we’d spent the last three nights avoiding Gilligans wet tshirt competitions, so weren’t too keen on unintentionally getting involved here!

Our cabin in the forest!

It was a special moment to wake up in the middle of the rainforest. We decided to go for a short walk down to Myall beach, and oh my goodness the view blew us away! On one side of us is the never-ending expanse of calm blue seas that are the Great Barrier Reef marine park, sea waves lapping at the white sandy beach. On the other side is thick luscious rainforest of the Wet Tropics, set against the backdrop of rolling green hills. This, known as Cape Tribulation, is the only place in the world where two world heritage sites sit side by side. Standing on the beach, sandwiched between these two natural wonders, I was (not for the first time since being up in Queensland), in awe of nature!!

Blue skies, green forests, and white sands – heaven!

Our journey back to Cairns got off to a good start with a stop at the Daintree ice cream shop. We got to taste mango, coconut, and, more unusually, wattleseed and black sapote ice cream, fresh from their fruit trees! We then got a final chance to take in the incredible view of Cape Tribulation with a quick stop at Alexander lookout. It was now time to journey back to Cairns for one more night before the next stop on our adventure, eeek!

Alexander Lookout – what a view!!

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