Adventure is out there!


Thanks so much for joining! This is a first for both of us – my first blog post and (unsurprisingly) your first time reading one of my posts! And I’m so happy that you are here.

Hopefully the reason you are here is because you are interested in hearing a little bit about what my pal Emma and I get up to while making our way down Australia’s east coast. Emma is currently in the air somewhere between London and Singapore, while I am enjoying a lazy Sunday in Melbourne, and relishing the benefits of being an organised packer. So what better use of my spare time than for writing our first blog post!

So, time for a little back story… around six months ago, Emma (pictured right) and I (the other right) both embarked on a volunteering expedition to Fiji with Think Pacific – hence the dresses, this is not our usual attire. It was here that we met, along with 17 other excited travellers, to form the most EPIC volunteer team (yes I’m biased, but it’s true). We lived, laughed, cried, danced, drank grog and shared updates of our bowel movements together for four unforgettable weeks, before a very emotional goodbye. Emma jetted off to explore Central America, and I hopped over to Australia to begin life and work in Melbourne.

Fast forward to December, Emma has barely taken one step off the plane after landing back in England before the holiday blues hit! Still at the airport, Emma messages saying that she would love to travel around Australia. I think my response was something along the lines of “YES LET’S TRAVEL TOGETHER!!”. As you can tell since you are reading this post, it didn’t take much persuading on either of our parts to book flights and begin planning our Aus Adventure!

And now here we are! Backpacks packed with too many clothes and a year’s supply of suncream (mainly mentioning this to reassure Mum..), and less than a day away from being reunited in Cairns. I think an appropriate phrase to express my current feelings right now would be… EEEKK!!

We’ve got a lot to squeeze in to the next seven weeks, but we will try to post updates as often as we can, and I am so excited to share our adventures with you. So please stick around if you would like to travel vicariously through us as we attempt to document our journey.

So, here we go! Or, as Russel would say… Adventure is out there!!

Speak soon!

Flick 🙂

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